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Guidance Foundation is seeking funding to cover the costs of fighting for justice and righting the injustice that prevents us from doing our business as a behavioral health provider for over 10 years. We welcome donations large and small. We have been wrongly targeted as we pursue action to right a wrong.

CYFD Correspondence

December 11, 2023

Sent VIA certified Mail with Return Receipt

Dear Nathan Lawson:

I am responding to your letter dated November 11, 2023, that was hand delivered to my office by another business on Wednesday December 6, 2023. It was delivered to the wrong address and signed by someone else. Furthermore, to date I have not received an email of the certified letter.

For me to comply with the requirements of your “corrective action” plan I will need to know what those expectations are. Therefore, I am requesting that you provide the following information using the key provided below to answer each numbered item. This will help me understand the manner and or procedures you are using.

Finally, I uphold my response to your allegations in my letter dated November 8, 2023, as true. At this time, I will add that during my application to provide IOP services to adolescents, I have never received a decision regarding my application over several weeks. I was told by different staff involved in the process that the results/decision was delayed because each was not at liberty to disclose the results. To date a decision to my application to provide adolescent IOP has not been provided.

Please respond to this letter no later than 15 days from the receipt of this letter

1. Provide your credentials and those of your superiors that qualifies you to perform Intensive Outpatient Surveys.

2. Provide the criteria and specific guidelines that were used to select your team.

3. Who (Person and or Organization) selected your team?

4. Regarding non-receipt of your notice, using the above criteria support that with evidence.

5. Provide evidence of discoveries listed on August 11, 2015

6. *A review of the application process used as a Corrective Action Plan.

7. Describe your interpretation of the letter dated January 25, 2016, granting my agency Provisional Status and a survey that will be conducted after (120 days) when patients are receiving IOP services.

8. ****Explanation of a” Lack of a multidisciplinary team “at the time of the survey was previously given. About previous providers was addressed in the statement above.

9. **A document you included entitled “Intensive Outpatient Program Site Visit Tool (Handwritten 8 pages with no signatures).

10. ***Provide a list of agencies who were surveyed under similar guidelines and the outcomes.

11. Finally, although I am encouraged to re-apply pending satisfaction of deficiencies that opportunity is eliminated because I am no longer a provider in network with BCBSNM.

KEY (Instructions. Please use this key to respond to each item listed above remembering that the response(s) should be answered as to how and why this decision is relevant to Guidance Foundation Inc. (GFI) and how it is applied during the survey.)

a. Person-Describe the basis for his/her decision.

b. Organization-Describe the basis for this decision.

c. Document-Provide its source.

d. A no response or a partial response -shall mean the answer is unknown.

e. Email-Submit verification that the email was sent.

*Provide an answer to this statement and how it fits with the credentialing criteria during 2014 -2015. How was this agency and other agencies notified of the change in criteria?

** We have not received this information/item has not been brought to my and/ (GFI) ‘s attention.

***-Provide the reason if a discrepancy or disparage treatment exists if the outcome(s) were different

****-This item has been answered.

Respectfully Submitted

Janice Penn, PhD-APRN-BC

CC: File


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